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Do you want to transform
your little one's sleep?

So I guess you have arrived at my page because...

You're feeling out of control and perhaps can't see the woods for the trees?

The lack of sleep is having an overwhelming impact on your family life and you feel as if everything is falling apart in several aspects of your life?

Your work life is suffering and you feel as if you are winging it most of the time?

You want to feel confident and have the "know how" to resolve the sleep challenges you face?

Your family is not sleeping as well as they should be and the tiredness you once had is now slipping into a state of exhaustion and you don't know what to do?

The impact it is having on your well being and your relationships is no longer sustainable?

You have tried everything and you just can't continue like this?

You not sure how to tackle the challenges you come across?

I have the answers!!!

As a sleep and child development expert I have the skills and knowledge to support you with the challenges you are facing. 

I can help you to identify the specific challenges you are facing, break them down and build in the bespoke support you need to regain control in your life. 

My strategies are created through a holistic approach that specifically tailored to you and your family so there's no question as to if it will work - You are going to be able to regain control, be happier, healthier, feel in control, have more energy, feel positive, and most of all THRIVING!

I want to empower you to feel prepared to deal with anything that comes your way so you can approach things well rested, calmly and confidently. 

And why is it important?
By taking action you are going to be able to spend more time together as a family, manage your time better, feel confident, regain control, have your own time and enjoy everyday!

Why should you work with me?

I am an expert in the world of sleep and I have over 12 years experience working with families. I am a parent myself and I have too been at the hands of sleep deprivation and come out the other side. I can offer you the coaching and support tailored to you and believe I have the sleep solutions that can work for you and your family.


What I offer you

  • Bespoke sleep plans tailored to your family 

  • Real down to earth practical advice

  • Tips and tricks to help you along the way

  • Age appropriate development tools to support you

  • Advice on upcoming milestones

  • Temperament Toolkit

  • Coaching and support throughout your plan

  •  In depth assessment

Jay, dad to 5 yr old

"I reached out to Sam as we were struggling to get our 5 year old to self soothe, with dad having to sit with her until she fell asleep. Sam gave us some wonderful advice and now we are at the point of story and leave. This has made our evenings together much more relaxed."

Hannah, mum to Freya.

"She's been doing so well, we've been amazed at how well shes adapted. We did night 3 of fading ourselves out and she slept from 8-4:30am.  Thank you for getting us our bed and evenings back!!"

Claire, mum to Toby. 

"I went to Sam when I was basically at my most vulnerable and when I couldn't see the woods for the trees. She listened to my problems and things we were facing. She identified what wasn't working for us and suggested several ways she could help us resolve sleep. Within 5 days we were in a much better place and not only was Toby sleeping but so was I and for that I will be forever grateful."

Are you ready to transform sleep?

It is important to me that we find the best solution for you. 
That is why I always tailor my plans around your specific circumstances and how much support you'll need.

Book a FREE, no obligations, sleep transformation call so that we can chat about how I can solve your sleep problems.

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