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Your custom sleep plan is... Fade Out

Image by Jenna Norman

By completing this quiz, you've taken your first step and shown your commitment to better understanding your child & their unique personality. Not only this but you identified how your parenting strategy plays such an important role in creating the ideal sleep plan. According to your responses, you need to take my 'Fade Out' approach!


So what does that actually mean? Your little one is reliant on your help to get to sleep. Without you doing something to or for your little one, s/he is not able to settle to sleep.

That's okay, because this means you can now gently and steadily make steps to increase their confidence with settling and decrease your role within it. My 'Fade Out' approach is ideal for you because your little one is not yet ready to settle to sleep entirely without your support.

3 Tips to Help You & Your Little One Sleep

1. You First!

It is so important for you to adopt the mindset for positively supporting your child with parenting strategies for healthy sleep. It's time to breakthrough and leave any of your own fears or possible past traumas parked up beside you and step up as the caring, confident, calm and in-control parent that you are.


2. Know Your Strategy

Without a plan we plan to fail, right? So be ultra clear on your plan and strategy and make sure all parents/care-givers are on board with the plan so that you're all coming from the same angle.  By having different approaches and strategies and changing them from one moment to the next is the fastest way to confuse your little one and make matters worse and more difficult to resolve.


3. Stick With It

Once you are clear on your plan and you are confident you know exactly what you are doing, be consistent with it and don't give up or give in! You will be tested in so many ways throughout parenthood and your ability to give clear and consistent messages to your little ones is going to be the key to trust, reliability and security as they grow up!


Who Am I to Tell You How to Get Your Kids To Sleep? Let Me Introduce Myself...


Hey there — I'm Sam Robertson, Sleep Consultant & Coach and mother of 1! My purpose in life is helping families with their little ones sleep, to get the whole family well rested and lets face it living your best life and that starts with SLEEP 


It's so easy to get caught up in google information, be bamboozled by our friends with "what  worked for them" and its definitely easier to give up when it gets tough. 

I have personally allowed myself to second guess myself or the methods I used with my little boy, but once you let go and trust the process, believe in your ability to parent your little one to be a super healthy sleeper and happy child, you will feel as though everything starts to make sense and life becomes more enjoyable than you imagined! I'm here to offer you the guidance and support you need to get there!


Ready For Better Sleep?

1. Access your bespoke solution along with support from me by booking an initial sleep transformation call.

You can invest in these options once and use them for the duration of your little one's childhood - It will be the best investment you make!

Start Sleeping, Click Here!

Sam and her Son
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